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Come blow some trees with Like Mindz & the Crew and lets have a good time & laugh our ass off. Tap into our #COMEDYSMOKE Virtual Comedy Club™ on ZOOM for JOKEZ WEED LAUGHz!™ "A 420 Comedy Experience" to see some of the most funniest, coolest, bong rippin', blunt lightin', joint smoking comedians to ever hit the virtual stage.

Coming Soon for the Gamers


Join the Hilarious Comedian Barbara Carlyle & friends as they hilariously discuss serious topics from a Cougars perspective


Thought Provoking Topics & Organic Conversations


We Went out high & low looking for talent from NY ,CHI to ATL to EVERYWHERE

YFU logo_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

A "Barber Shop" style conversation with Mic Mich & Tony Grands about Current Events


Watch 4 Contestants compete for fun & dope prizes while Tony Grands test their knowledge with pop culture questions about Music, Movies, Sports, TV, Cartoons, Video Games and more. Questions that ONLY Tony would ask!

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