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What is Backdoor Keyz?

"Backdoor Keyz" is an online ordering system thats exclusively accessed via a member/client/ customer only tap tag ("Backdoor Key").

How does it work?

You just tap the "Backdoor Key" to the back (or front) of your phone, select the business you would like to order from and go from there to complete your order.

Will Backdoor Keyz help me grow my business?

Designed by a small business owner with the small business owner in mind! The intention of Backdoor Keyz is to provide an all inclusive resource based launch pad to fuel your company's growth.

This sounds expensive, is it?

Before we answer that we would like to say "Everything to do for your business in an investment". Now to answer the question, NO we are not expensive. You are actually getting far more than what you are paying. We just want to see you win while keeping the lights on.

So what is included and how much?

Whats included:

A. Hosting/Management
B. Personalized URL
C. Digital Menu Design & Digital Menu
D. Weekly Digital Menu updates
E. "BackDoor Key" programming

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