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S P O N O R E D  B Y

Yo, listen up! "Blazed Heartz" is takin' speed dating to a whole new level yall!  We bringin' together all you blazin' singles, couples, and cannabis enthusiasts for a digital dating extravaganza like no otha'. Get ready to light up the session, make connections, and ride the high of love, all while sharin' your passion for that green goodness we call cannabis.



Contestant Call

Yo, cool cats! "Blazed Heartz" wants peeps who are one or more of the following:






- Ready to mingle and find that special someone.

- Love meetin' like-minded peeps who appreciate the herb.
- Must be 30+.





- Ready to spice things up and connect with chill couples or individuals.
- Down for wild adventures and new connections together.
- Must be 30+.




Cannabis Enthusiasts:

- True OGs when it comes to that sticky icky.
- Spit knowledge 'bout strai
ns, flavors, and all things cannabis.
- Must be 30+.



To apply, fill out the form below.

Only the chosen few will hear from us. Your personal info is safe with us.


Get ready to find love, spark connections, and ignite your passion for cannabis on "Blazed Heartz: The Fly Digital Speed Datin' Show"! Apply now and let's light up the virtual stage!

Blazed Heartz Contestant Interest Form
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Thankz for your interest. Good Luck!


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