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We Ideate, Create, Launch & Manage 420 Friendly Digital Brands

We Ideate, Create, Launch & Manage 420 Friendly Digital Brands. ​  We currently house & produce  several shows under our

 Come Thru  Network entertainment platform & serve as the official digital production team for legendary comedienne Barbara Carlyle. ​


Our services include but are NEVER LIMITED to: ​

  • Graphic Design 

  • Music Production

  • Podcast/Digital Show  Production

  • Livestream Production

  • Audio editing/mixing

  • Creative marketing strategies

  • Video Editing & Production

  • Website Design

  • OBS programming

  • Guest Communications

  • Idea Sensei™ (Consulting)

  • Zoom Facilitation

Feel free to explore our universe and see everything that we have to offer.


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